Luminous launches DataVault at FinovateAsia

Luminous launches DataVault at FinovateAsia

Luminous debuted DataVault last week at FinovateAsia at the Max Atria @ Singapore venue. CEO Warren Bond had this to say after he presented to the audience last week at FinovateAsia, “We feel that DataVault enables financial institutions to dramatically improve customer experience and reduce operating costs by allowing customers to sort, store and file their important documents behind their online banking profile – eliminating the need to file paper documents at home or at the bank.”

Luminous has been a regular at Finovate conferences over the past two years and is rapidly expanding its product suite of solutions developed for banks, with banking problems in mind. Warren also goes on to state that, “We do things differently at Luminous, we don’t develop solutions and then pitch them to banks, we work with banks and develop solutions in direct response to pain areas banks are experiencing, that is how we developed BankFiling, PreApprover and now DataVault.”

“We were very excited to have Luminous launch their innovative new DataVault product at FinovateAsia”, said Eric Mattson, CEO of Finovate. “With the rapid growth of electronic documents and online banking, it seems like the idea of banks offering a virtual safety deposit box to their customers has finally arrived.”

About FinovateAsia:
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About Luminous:

Luminous is a specialised financial innovations company that has successfully introduced a number of global firsts into the banking world. Luminous’ unique business case driven approach delivers excellent ROI for banks. Backed by Hasso Plattner Ventures, Luminous continues to expand their global reach with offices in South Africa, London, Brisbane and Mumbai. They also have a number of partnering agreements with industry leaders across the globe. For more information, please email, Twitter: